posted 7/3/18

Class of 1978 June 2018 Reunion Recap

Hello and warm greetings to everyone... TJ, Bill K, Lisa-Ann F, Lesley L, Nick G, Averill, Paul N and Paul P, Jamie S, and Dave M (and just to round things out... Jane Shay who helped get our announcement up on the Weston School Website and would love to have a group photo of our reunion (and so does Lee Marsh), if I recall correctly.)

I just got back to Vermont this afternoon, though some very busy and sweltering 100'F days and am finally able to email you all!  Thank you and Congratulations to us all for such being such a great team!!   We did it!  We had a very successful reunion. I kept hearing how wonderful the reunion was, how it was the best ever, how much people were enjoying it.  Hurrah!
So... now there are organizing and feedback questions, and doing that by email gets scattered ... better not to be using it to organize post party logistics and tasks... how does everyone feel about using a google doc that we can all comment on?  Put our initials next to our comments to help keep it organized.
1) Name tags ... it seems they were a huge success and well worth the huge effort it took to make them... my daughter, Raven, helped me for a full day and a half with them before I drove to Mass and got the wonderful help from Lisa-Ann, Corralie, and Susan Honthumb at the end.  I would really appreciate an email sent out asking everyone who took theirs home to either send it back to me, or Paul Nolan (what do you think Paul?) or be absolutely sure they bring it to the next reunion.  I have some of them with me, but could bring the rest to Paul's if that is the best place to keep them.
 2) Future reunions.  Paul, did I hear you correctly that you would like to do this every year?  If so, I expect the in between 5 year reunions will be much smaller and perhaps inviting my sister's class of 1979, of which Sue Katz (with Paul Miller) is part too, would be fun...Katherine has asked what we all think of that idea.  
 3) Volunteers for the team effort for future reunions!  Whatever we decides out how often to meet, people expressed their willingness, to me, to do some task to help with organizing the next events.  Another email would be appropriate to send out asking people to let us know if they would like to help.... and their are many places for any help as we found out!  This is part of that Google doc... brainstorming all the areas we need help on.
 4) Reunion organization committees, tasks....
food, set up, clean up, recycling, name tags, money, contact info, website updating... just a few ideas... if we can break the tasks up, then we distribute the load so it is easy and fun and TJ gets to relax more and more!  It would be great to list our names and what tasks we each did to summarize and show others.
 5) Feedback from this reunion of what went well, what was missing, and what could have been improved... constructive comments of what we saw not working along with what we see could work well in the future!
 6) Photos and Website... Private page just for classmates so we can freely share photos?  Bill are you or someone else a tech expert, so that I could call on you for help with photos and the 2003/4 video that Vincent Perry delightedly brought to me when he arrived?
 7) # and status of classmates... the list had yes, no, maybe, silent, attended....  Do we have a final head count?  I could not keep track and it seemed some name tags were either not put on, or the people did not show up... perhaps a couple of people staying with the name tags and computer in the same space puls be best, so as people pick up the name tag, they can immediately check their info and be recorded as there.   Do we have a financial tally of what we had, what was spent, and what came in?
 8) Signs and bins etc to organize us!  It would be really helpful to have things placed more strategically and with signs.  Food could have been better outside or near the big doors with signs of what was what.  Other signs that are helpful: Where to park, what to contribute monetarily and why, where to put leftover food for composting, where to put paper, plastic etc for recycling, where to sign up to help organize the next reunion... etc etc
 9) If this list could be put on a shared Google doc, then as you think of anything missing, you can  add on without having to scroll through multiple email levels which I at least find cumbersome and confusing.
Also, it seems we have mixed emails of who is on which one... I have tried to list everyone who was involved in organizing in any way each email... perhaps a list that we can copy and paste would be good. 
I hope you are each recuperating well... I am finally going to get some longer sleep tonight, now that I am home and have written this email that has been on my mind without the time to write it before.
Louise Gogel
PO Box 466
Manchester VT 05254

To keep things organized, all correspondence, attendance lists, and coordination goes through our

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We look forward to seeing everyone and each doing their part to spread the word and encourage each other to come and reconnect.