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Welcome "Home" Weston Alumni!

Welcome to the new official website for alumni of Weston Public Schools, Weston, MA.

Launching in 2014, this site will be a place for alumni to reconnect with each other, to learn about other graduates or former students of the Weston Public Schools, and to become reengaged with the current students at Weston High School.

Unlike other sites that purport to be alumni association website for Weston Public Schools, alumni.weston is:

  • Secure - you must register to share information and to access the information of other alumni
  • Free - while we would appreciate a donation of $5 per year to help cover our expenses, we do not require payment of any kind
  • Sanctioned - we are an independent group of committed alumni, which operates with the support of the Weston Public Schools

To be a success, we need you!

Have some news to share? Planning an event?  

Please email us with your information.