Paul Weiner

I was born (1954) and raised in Boston. After Residency I moved to Florida for 20 years. We came to Greenville in 2003.
I have practiced Emergency Medicine since 1984. After 19 years of being under the gun I moved to “Fast Track” and love that I can talk to my patients, fix small problems and help them back on their way. I have been married for 30 years to Susan, she is

an Artist. I have a son Scott who is studying Computer Science at Clemson University. My wife and I have our third pair of Great Danes, ask and I will show you pictures. I have a Second Degree Black Belt in Kung Fu. I Golf - but I do not keep score. I play poker and finished 540th in the 2010 World Series of Poker (out of 7,319). I can talk ad infinitum ad nauseam regarding the meaning of life.

Class Year    1972
City    Greenville
State    SC
Occupation    Emergency Medicine
Marital Status    Married
Spouse    Susan
Children    Scott
Employer    Greenville Hospital System
Name of College Attended    Brandeis