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Class of 1981 member Barry Zellen announces publication of his newest anthology on indigenous issues, Land, Indigenous Peoples and Conflict,² which he co-edited with his colleague Alan Tidwell of Georgetown's Center for Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Studies. LIPC is the first volume in Routledge's new series on Complex Real Property Rights. It presents a comparative study of indigenous land and property rights worldwide, and explores how the ongoing constitutional, legal and political integration of indigenous peoples into contemporary society has impacted on indigenous institutions and structures for managing land and property. An interdisciplinary group of contributors present case material from indigenous land conflicts from the South Pacific, Australasia, South East Asia, Africa, North and South America, and northern Eurasia.

I wrote Chapter 2, ³From Counter-Mapping to Co-Management: The Inuit, the State and the Quest for Collaborative Arctic Sovereignty.² It examines how the Inuit became master negotiators - expanding their land base dramatically through negotiated settlements with the
Canadian Government, successfully laying claim and receiving title to newly occupied lands from the Mackenzie Delta to the Elizabeth
Islands. I'm also excited to announce I'm a recipient of a 2016 Kone Foundation (based in Helsinki) research grant to study ³Tribal Buffer
Zones and Regional Stability in the Polar and Oceanic Regions,² with case studies on the Dayaks of Borneo; the Orang Laut of Riau,
Singapore and Johor; the Shan of north Thailand, Burma and southwest China; the Inuit and Dene of Arctic North America; and the Sami of Arctic Europe. Am currently immersed in the stacks of the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library in Singapore. The Kone Foundation's goal is
"to advance bold initiatives in research and the arts. Boldness, crossing of boundaries and new initiatives are important for us." And to me!(posted 4-8-16)

Barry Zellen co-editor

Barry Zellen is co-editor the newly published anthology, Culture, Conflict and Counterinsurgency, published by Stanford University Press in January 2014. The book examines the nexus of culture, conflict, and strategic intervention, and attempts to establish if culture is important in a national security and foreign policy context, and to explore how cultural phenomena and information can best be used by the military. In the process it addresses just how intimate cultural knowledge needs to be to counter an insurgency effectively.

(Posted 3-1-14) 

Barry Zellen publishes again

The remarkably prolific Barry Zellen has published two more books this year. He tells us: My latest book project is just out. The book is The Fast-Changing Arctic: Rethinking Arctic Security for a Warmer World, published by University of Calgary Press on July 1, 2013. (Click here for more info and content.)
Plus I think I forgot to send a note in January when my previous book came out - State of Recovery: The Quest to Restore American Security after 9/11 (Bloomsbury Academic, 2013) - which is essentially an anthology of articles I wrote addressing homeland security, counterterrorism, and WMD-proliferation policies, including the various technologies developed and deployed to reduce the many risks and vulnerabilities of the post-9/11 world. (Click here for more info.)

(Posted 7-11-13)